Kieff Antonio Grediaga Signed Bronze Artist's Proof Modernist Sculpture


A signed modernist sculpture by Spanish artist Antonio Kieff Grediaga (born 1936). Made of bronze, the sculpture features an abstract biomorphic form and is attached to a stone base. The sculpture is signed "Kieff" and is also marked "solo dos A/P" indicating that there were only two artist's proof editions of this particular sculpture. 

Born in Madrid, Spain during the Spanish Civil War, listed artist Kieff Antonio Grediaga’s (born 1936) early childhood was dominated by the political imprisonment of his father. Having fought against Franco during the Civil War, Greidaga’s father was originally sentenced to death, though this sentence was later commuted to twelve years imprisonment and eventually he was released after serving six years.

After his release, Grediaga began apprenticing with his father as a cabinetmaker helping to restore church furniture that was damaged during the war. He eventually studied both music and art, though his career as an artist is what he is most well known for. After marrying and settling in Canada, Grediaga’s artistic career took off and he became known for his sculptures, particularly his tabletop bronzes. However, a multi-faceted artist, he also pursues printmaking, graphic design, painting, and other forms of artistic expression. 



5" x 16.25" x 5".

Condition notes:

Minor wear, some scratches present. There are two small chips in the stone base. 

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