Martin Friedman “Opus #15” Abstract Oil on Canvas Painting


An oil on canvas painting titled Opus #15 by the Hungarian-American artist Martin Friedman (1896-1981). This colorful abstract oil painting features a peaceful grassy landscape with three vibrant figures in the foreground. A purple, blue, and pink blended sky joins the composition's background. The painting is displayed in a black wooden frame.

Martin Friedman was born in Budapest, Hungary, and moved to the United States in the 1950s where he attended the National Academy of Design in New York City. Friedman is well known for his illustration and abstract landscape work. He exhibited in the World's Fair, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum amongst many other notable institutions. 



24.75” W x 18.75” H x 1.5” D.

Condition notes:

Minor scuffs to the frame. Craquelure present, some chips to the paint. Other age appropriate wear present. 

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