Kate Millett Signed 1980 “Sophie, Sophie” Limited Edition Abstract Serigraph


A 1980 signed serigraph print on paper by American feminist writer, theorist, artist and academic, Kate Millett (1934 - 2017). This work uses a painterly style to depict an abstracted nude female body. A poem by the artist adorns the side of the figure. Signed "Kate Millett The Farm 53/100" and dated 1980 to the lower right corner. The text of the poem reads: "Sophie, sophie, sophie - all over your body like / a tatoo (sic) - the kisses of my lust and admiration."                                                                                     
Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Millett is most well known as the author of the groundbreaking book Sexual Politics and as a influential figure in the women's liberation movement. However, she was also an accomplished and prolific artist who worked in a variety of mediums including sculpture, printmaking, painting, and performance art. In 1978, Millett founded a self-supporting art colony and farm for women in Poughkeepsie, New York where most of the work we currently have was created.



24" x 19".

Condition notes:

Very minor points of foxing, primarily to the right side. Smudges present, primarily to the lower edge. Some wear around the edges.

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