Kate Millett Signed 1990 “At the Farm” Limited Edition Serigraph


A signed limited edition serigraph by American artist Kate Millett (1934-2017). Dated 1990, this work is after a photograph and features nude women reclining next to a body of water in the foreground. A tree line is shown in the background. The work is in black and white and signed and dated to the lower right corner.

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Millett is most well known as the author of the groundbreaking book Sexual Politics and as a influential figure in the women's liberation movement. However, she was also an accomplished and prolific artist who worked in a variety of mediums including sculpture, printmaking, painting, and performance art. In 1978, Millett founded a self-supporting art colony and farm for women in Poughkeepsie, New York where most of the work we currently have was created. 



19” x 25”.

Condition notes:

Some markings on the border. Minor wear to the edges. Small raised areas and markings on the back. Indentations above the tree line on the upper right.

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