James L. Bruch Abstract Marker and Charcoal Portrait Drawing


An abstract marker and charcoal portrait drawing by the American artist James L. Bruch (1942-2023). The sketch depicts an abstract portrait of a face with dark hair or a hat. The drawing is displayed in a white mat and a gold tone wooden frame and is estate stamped to the verso.

Born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, James Bruch (1942-2023) pursued his artistic talents at the University of Notre Dame, graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1964. Thereafter, he received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California in 1967. While in school, Bruch focused his attention on painting bright scenes and recreating masterworks in pencil. From the ‘70s-’90s, he built his advertising career, garnering recognition for his efforts along the way. Upon retirement, Bruch immediately returned to decades-old ideas of colorful abstraction, which he had reimagined throughout his lifetime.

Bruch started his career designing for Montgomery Ward in Chicago, where he would meet, and settle down with, his wife Amy. He would continue his career at the prestigious institution of Leo Burnett as an art director and later as vice president. Following his retirement from the industry in 1999, Bruch was reinvigorated as an artist. He began to rediscover old concepts from his time in art school, reworking them, painting and repainting layer after layer, no piece ever truly finished in his eyes. He was a very reserved man after his retirement and following the death of his wife. This resulted in his work not being exhibited or sold during his lifetime.



10.75” x 13” x 1” (frame); 6” x 7.25” (sight).

Condition notes:

Scratches and other wear to the frame. Some bleed through of an image drawn on the verso of the drawing.

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