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Reimagining:  The Life Work of James Bruch

Reimagining: The Life Work of James Bruch

Finding a collection of an artist that we aren’t familiar with is exciting.  Discovering the entire life’s work of a prolific artist whose work has ever seen publicly is a different experience entirely.

This spring we received a call from a colleague of ours in Chicago, Arrin Williams.  He wanted to let us know about the estate of James Bruch (1942-2023), who had been an award-winning advertising executive at Leo Burnett. Bruch’s vocation throughout his life had been painting, but he had refused to ever show his work in public or sell any of his art. Arrin explained that his children wanted to find a gallery to promote their father’s work…but there was a catch…everything had to be out of the house in one week or it would be sold at an estate sale.

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September 03, 2023 — Hailey Younkin
A Painter's Perspective: Steve Redman on the Art of Looking Back

A Painter's Perspective: Steve Redman on the Art of Looking Back

Born in Poseyville, Indiana in 1944, Steve Redman’s artistic journey began with an unwavering certainty that can only be described as destiny. From his early years, his path unfolded seamlessly, leaving him with no recollection of a time that he was separated from the artist. Instead, he found himself reflecting on formative days of local exhibitions and gold keys. Redman's high school years were marked by a range of extracurricular activities, from band and basketball to football and the yearbook club, where he held the position of editor. Earning the reputation of a true renaissance man, Steve fondly recalled being recruited for miscellaneous jobs around school, like the repeated springs spent crafting prom decorations.     
June 04, 2023 — Hailey Younkin
Martin Friedman: Modern Dreamscapes

Martin Friedman: Modern Dreamscapes

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Martin Friedman (1896-1981) took part in the mass
immigration to Ellis Island, experienced by 12 million people between 1892-1924, at the age of nine years old. His upbringing was modest, with his parents described as lower-middle class, moving to the United States in homes of financial success. In an interview with Dorothy Seckler for the Smithsonian Institution’s Archive of American Art, Friedman recalled being the only “foreign-born” family in the neighborhood and not speaking any English while attending school in Yonkers, New York.     Read more.
January 11, 2023 — Hailey Younkin