Sheafer + King Modern is a Modern art and vintage Modern design gallery in South Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.  We specialize in abstract art from the 1950s-1990s and exceptional modernist furniture, lighting, and objects from the same period.  

We started as an online business in 2017 to help people like you find unique, beautiful things you can’t find anywhere else.  Our Indianapolis gallery opened in 2020.  We want to build a close relationship with a small group of clients who are like us: passionate about art, love modernist design, and appreciate great craftsmanship.

We want to help you discover a few amazing pieces of art or objects that will be focal points you’ll want to decorate around. Our goal is to get to know our clients and build a relationship based on providing great service, open communication, trust, and shared sensibilities.  

Our Team

Andrea Sheafer is the driving force behind what we sell.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in art history at the Savannah College of Art and Design and her master’s at the School of Oriental and African Studies.  Prior to starting this business she worked as an auction cataloger, and she is obsessed with making sure everything on our site is described as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

Andrea’s dream is to live a simple life surrounded by small beautiful things with as much time as she wants to grow a garden, raise chickens and bees, and read the saddest books she can find.  She loves books on agriculture, post-apocalyptic science fiction, and murder mysteries.


Andrew King has been described by Andrea as “The worst co-worker I’ve ever had.”  Prior to founding Sheafer & King Fine Art and Design, Andy was an Associate Professor and Music Director of the Orchestras at Purdue University. Whether through music, art, or design he is fascinated by the way people choose to express themselves. He still works as a freelance musician and orchestra conductor, but he has discovered that he loves the competitive nature of art auctions, researching artists and craftsmen...and trying to convince Andrea he has a clue.


Hailey Younkin is the gallery manager and product photographer for Sheafer + King Modern. She earned a BA in Art History with a Psychology minor from Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis (IUPUI) in 2022. When she is not working at the gallery, she spends her time traveling to her hometown in Pennsylvania, hiking with her lovable fur babies, Nuka and Juniper, or exploring other creative hobbies.  


Esther Gray is the newest gallery associate added to our team! Esther operates as our art restorer. She has completed a BFA in Studio Art as well as an MA in Biblical and Theological Studies at Indiana Wesleyan University. In her free time, Esther puts her energy into her own artmaking and being involved in her community. She has participated in everything from live painting performances to liturgical art for church spaces and aims to inspire and incite empathy through her work.


Schoops is the feline member of our team.  She inspects all of our inventory to make sure that it meets her high standards. 


We typically ship within two business days.  Occasionally, large pieces of art or unusually shaped objects will take an extra day or two, and if that’s the case, we will communicate with you.  Shipping large framed art or glass is difficult and often expensive. For some of our larger pieces of art, we do not offer standard shipping. Free local pick up at our gallery in Indianapolis is always available, and we can typically arrange inexpensive delivery to Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Kentucky.  If you live farther away, we are happy to work with you to ship your item via UShip or deliver your item to a UPS store where you can have it shipped to you. If you are interested in purchasing a large framed artwork or furniture, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to work with you to find the quickest, least expensive shipping option.  We also offer the option of removing art from the frame to reduce shipping costs if you do not want the frame.