Ludvig Löfgren Kosta Boda “To the Ground” My Wild Life Glass Leaf


A glass leaf sculptural dish from the My Wild Life series designed by the Swedish designer Ludvig Löfgren (born 1972) for Kosta Boda. Originally designed in 2010 and included as one of the 19 objects in the series, this particular piece is titled To the Ground and is formed from multi-colored glass into the shape of a leaf. The leaf, predominantly made of blue glass, has a rainbow colored midrib to stem ranging from green to red. The leaf has a Kosta Boda sticker on the top edge and is marked “Kosta Boda L. Löfgren 7091021” to the underside.



17.75” x 3.75” x 10”.

Condition notes:

Minor wear including some scratches. There are rough patches at the end of the stem and the tip of the leaf. Some bubbles in the glass that look like rough patches near the tip of the leaf.

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