Nell Devitt Signed Studio Pottery Bowl


A studio pottery bowl by the American ceramic artist Nell Devitt (born 1950). This bowl features a stamped abstract design and sloping sides. The piece features a rich black surface color. The underside is signed "Devitt".
Nell Devitt is based out of Southern Indiana and currently works primarily in tile-based wall sculpture commissions. On their website, they describe their current process as follows:
"A clay slip is applied to areas for the semi-gloss surface. The black color and straw marks are the result of a post-firing technique of smoking. When the clay reaches maturation temperature in the kiln, the tiles are individually removed with a pair of tongs and placed in a closed reduction chamber full of straw. The straw ignites, oxygen is cut off, carbon molecules enter the clay - the tile is changing. This technique produces the highly irregular, imperfect and uneven surface."


8.5” x 3” x 8.5”.

Condition notes:

Permanent marker line on the underside, about .5” long. Otherwise age appropriate scratches, scuffs and marks.

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