June Skowronski Onesti Studio Pottery Sculpture


A studio pottery sculpture by the American artist June Skowronski Onesti (1940-2022). Abstract in form, the sculpture features modified, pressed, and bent slabs of clay glazed in planes of black and brown. The sculpture is unsigned. 

June Skowronski Onesti attended Northwestern University and continued her education at Michigan State University and the University of Wisconsin where she earned her MA and MFA. She was proficient in many art forms but found her niche in ceramics. Onesti shared her knowledge and expertise teaching in many University's including Purdue University, Indiana University, Montana State University, and Michigan State. 



6” W x 14” H x 6.5” D.

Condition notes:

Some imperfections to the glaze on the top. Some chips to the bottom edge. Firing cracks to the underside.

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