R.A. Buys “Otto Dix” Abstract Mixed Media Painting on Board


An abstract mixed media painting on wood titled Otto Dix by the American artist R.A. "Drew" Buys. Signed to the lower right, this psychedelic painting depicts a portrait of German Expressionist Otto Dix (1891-1969). Painted in oil, acrylic, and paint pens, this vibrant abstract figure has a stern expression, furrowed brow, and a colorful patchwork visage. A grid of squares overlays the background of the work. The piece is framed in a simple black wooden frame.

Born in California, Buys studied sculpture at the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. He also studied art restoration under fellow Indianapolis artist, Steve Redman. His work focused predominantly on mixed media paintings and drawings as well as found object sculptures.

From the artist:

Years ago, he [Buys] moved into his current house and he had no connection to internet, smart phone, or cable.  He started drawing these stream of conscience faces in the late hours of the night, that have evolved over the years and continue to change.  While a few of them are actual portraits of existing people, most of them are abstract and void of any recognizable features of a real person. 

He tries to strip away gender, sex, age, race or any other feature that we tend to intentionally or accidentally judge others on.  Matter of fact he likes to look at his drawings as having the skin peeled back and them showing the colors, textures, and patterns that make up a person on the inside. 



21.5” W x 28” H x 1” D (frame), 18” W x 24” (sight).

Condition notes:

Some scuffs and scrapes to frame. Other age appropriate wear.

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